Volley Balley

Volley Balley 1.62

Play beach volley ball with some amusing characters


  • Fun graphics and animation
  • Lots of game options
  • Online multiplayer mode


  • Gets quite repetitive

Not bad

One of my favorite things to do when summer comes round is to head down the beach for a spot of volleyball. And, before you ask, no I don't just do it to watch girls falling about in their bikinis.

Now you can recreate this fun summer sport on your mobile device thanks to Volley Balley, an amusing volleyball game with cartoon graphics. The main protagonists in this one are a couple of characters who look a bit like those guys off the M&M adverts. Your aim is to take control of one of them and hit the ball over the net without it being returned to your side, in order to win points.

The graphics in this one are nice and colorful. The 3D characters are well rendered and the animation is generally good (look out for their little victory dances), and the background image makes you feel like you're really at the beach in the sunshine.

Volley Balley offers a wide range of game options. You can choose which side of the net to play, select from five difficulty levels and alter the number of points needed to win a match. The game also keeps a record of all your stats and there's an online multiplayer mode to pit your wits against other players from around the World.

For all its bells and whistles though, Volley Balley doesn't find a way to alleviate the repetitive nature of the gameplay, and if you're anything like me you'll soon tire of the process of looping a ball up and down a small court with only a limited number of moves at your disposal.

That said, this is a well-presented volleyball game with lots of options that's ideal to take down the beach if no one wants to play the real thing with you.

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An exciting and interesting Volley Ball game for Palm PDAs.

Volley Balley


Volley Balley 1.62

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